Looking for ways to keep the grass green but conserve water at the same time? So are we!

Let our team at Shady Tree Landscaping & Irrigation provide you with the best way to help you save money on your water bill!


Let us upgrade your outdated controller to the latest in Wi-Fi or Cellular technology! It’s time for you to realize what so many of our clients are already enjoying, huge water savings, up to 40% or more. By upgrading your irrigation controller to a new Hunter, RainBird or Weathermatic system the savings can be huge. Controller technologies today automatically adjust irrigation to local weather conditions, so watering only occurs when it’s needed, and never when it’s not. With the optional flow sensors installed, we will know about system breaks, such as broken heads, zone or main lines breaks before you do and send out a technician before incurring costly water bills or damage to your property.


EPA Water Sense-approved! Give us a call today (508) 359-6082 or contact us through the website to ask us what the best option for your situation is whether residential or commercial .

Maintaining Your Land

Welcome, warm weather!


We’re excited to finally welcome the warm weather. However, that also means getting outside to maintain your lawn, bushes, driveway, oh and don’t forget those shrubs!

Here are a few tips and tricks to maintaining your property this spring.

  • Start raking up leaves and all of the leftover debris on your lawn that you missed last fall.

  • Test your soil. You should do this once every few years to get an accurate reading of the state of your lawn.

  • Determine if you need to fertilize based on the nutrition requirements needed by your soil conditions. If so, wait until the soil has warmed to ensure maximum use.  And remember, it’s crucial to evenly distribute the fertilizer.

  • Grass isn’t the thing that needs Fert lovin’.  Don’t forget to fertilize your trees and shrubs to get them jump started for the season.

  • Finally, inspect your irrigation system to make sure it’s in working condition. Did we mention we do irrigation services? Contact, our resident irrigation expert, for more information!

Let Shady Tree Landscaping partner with you to help increase the value of your biggest investment, your property. Give us a call now to learn about our hands’ free maintenance plans!

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