Landscape Lighting

A professionally installed low-voltage landscape lighting system will simultaneously increase the security, safety, beauty, and resale value of your home. Don’t just enjoy your yard during the day: utilize your pool, patio, gardens, and grill at night, and take comfort in the added security of an illuminated home and landscape.

Primary benefits include:


12-volt LED lamps are available in a wide range, not available to 120-volt.  The diverse varieties of low-voltage fixtures and lamps ensure that you can create the lighting effects necessary for any installation. Unlike the omni-direction flare associated with 120-volt lamps, 12-volt lamps give beam control and allow for more exact, specialized lighting effects to be incorporated into your low-voltage system designs. For wattages of 75 or less, there are over one hundred 12-volt lamps available, compared to 12 (twelve) 120-volt lamps, and their compact design focuses onlooker attention on the lighting effect and not the light source. Experience subtle natural lighting effects when you specify low-voltage lighting.



Having a party at night? We can install and take down a temporary lighting system for any function. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, 50th wedding anniversaries or whatever your needs may be, we can help make it more memorable. Call us to schedule an appointment so we can go over the best solutions for your event!



With professionally installed landscape lighting, you have the freedom to emphasize the most attractive features of your property. The flexibility of low voltage lighting means you can illuminate a lot or just a little, and add on as your needs or desires change.



Police departments and insurance companies nationwide have statistics proving an unlit home is three times more likely to be burglarized than a home equipped with exterior lighting.  Outdoor lighting will not only reduce your chances of becoming another unsuspecting victim of crime, but will turn your home’s exterior into a stunning display of light and architecture.



Low voltage lighting is very efficient, with an operating expense of approximately 2/3 that of 120-volt lamps, amounting to significant long-term savings. Low voltage lighting operates on safe 12-volt power and features top quality, durable fixtures engineered specifically for outdoor use. It is efficient enough to leave on from dusk to dawn, extending the security benefits of a well-lit home all night, or flexible WiFi and BlueTooth apps allow you to customize programming to your needs. It can also be installed to operate with existing home automation controls.