Our Process

For over 20 years, Shady Tree Landscaping has been creating award-winning landscapes.

Our step-by-step process will guide you through your project seamlessly. From our initial meeting to the final brick, we will work closely with you throughout this whole experience. You can count on us for any of your landscaping project need!


Step 1 - Initial Contact

Payment Not Required

After contacting Shady Tree for the first time, our team evaluates your project and returns your call or email.

Fit is important to us. Due to overwhelming demand, Shady Tree cannot accommodate every request we receive. We carefully assess every enquiry and advise if our company can take on your project or if we may have to decline due to scope, budget or location.


Step 2 - Site Visit & Meeting

Payment Not Required

If we are a good fit, a meeting is scheduled to visit your property, discuss your goals and budget. Design fees typically amount to 3% to 5% of the total project cost. Your project's design fee is calculated during this meeting and is separate from the project cost.


Step 3 - Design Phase

Payment Required

Once a design contract has been signed, the design phase begins:

Site survey & base plan

We visit your property to gather detailed measurements, grades, house elevations and take some photographs. A scaled base plan is prepared to show the complete site information accurately.

Property research

Our team researches the project site to gather information regarding by-laws, zoning, lot coverage, offsets, conservation etc. The findings determine what can be done on your property and assist with the design discussions.

2D Concept Presentation

The design team presents 2D concepts along with the estimated build cost. We want to hear your thoughts about the concepts and any changes you may have.

Scope of Work & Final Estimate

When you are ready to approve the designs, Shady Tree prepares an itemized final construction estimate with detailed scope of work.


Step 4 - Contract and Deposit

Payment Required

Upon deciding to proceed, we commence the process to formalize contracts, gather signatures and obtain a deposit check.


Step 5 - Permit Process & Working Drawings

Payment Required

Shady Tree believes in doing things by the book. If a permit for your job is needed, we can initiate the permit application on your behalf. Permit drawings will need to be made, and all construction details worked out.


Step 6 - Introduction & Orientation Meeting 

Payment Not Required

A pre-construction meeting is arranged with you and your project manager to review our plan to complete your project in the most efficient way possible.


Step 7 - Construction Begins

Payment Required

Sit back and relax. We take care of all the details during development and keep you informed on a need-to-know basis.