Our staff of irrigation professionals is classroom and field-trained in the latest installation and servicing techniques. Our trucks are equipped with state of the art locators and remote control devices, as well as being fully-stocked with supplies from a variety of manufacturers to best service your system. Our irrigation services include:



Whether it's new or existing homes or commercial sites, we offer complete design packages to fit your needs and budgets. We install all of our systems based on Irrigation Association industry standards.

We offer some of the longest warranties in the business, 5 years. We offer all major brands Hunter, RainBird & Weathermatic, and once the installation is complete, we always continue to service the system.



We service a broad range of systems including Hunter, Rain Bird, Weathermatic. Our computerized scheduling system makes spring start-ups and fall winterizing a hassle-free process, giving you one less thing to worry about. Customers are notified by email or text with their scheduled appointment 2-4 weeks in advance. Our system sends out reminders 24 to 48 hrs before your appointment.  

We audit systems in between the startup and shutdown time to maintain the the integrity of the systems and catch problems that may have occurred to save water. This is a very important part of seasonal maintenance that many overlooks. Irrigation systems are mechanical by nature, have a lot of electrical parts and many moving parts and seals that just don't last forever. Audits are a more in-depth look into the workings of the system. It gives us a chance to look at the system after it has been turned on for a while and make sure all is working well and adjust timing if needed. We make recommendations for improvements or updates to help you be more efficient and waste less water.  



We offer wire and valve locating, ground fault detecting as well as system add-ons and repairs. Whether it's repairing the damage that was caused by lightning strikes or a new pool installation, we can get your system back on-line quickly and efficiently. From conventional wired systems to 2-Wire we have you covered.


Water Management is becoming an important focal point of the company to help clients conserve and stop wasting water. This will help them save money on their water bills and conserve one of our most precious resources.

By using the latest in the technology of WiFi or cellular based Smart Controllers and Flow sensors along with ET weather systems, Clients and we can have greater control over water use. This will allow us to know instantly by email or text that there is a problem at a client’s home, so we may dispatch a service tech to the site to fix the problem.



WElls & pumps

If you're in need of a well for your new or existing irrigation system, or simply need servicing for your existing well, our experienced well-driller can solve your water woes. With hundreds of wells behind us, we have the equipment and the expertise to get your water flowing flawlessly.


Small particles in water can take their toll on expensive components, so a filtration system is essential in providing a trouble-free, long-lasting irrigation system. Filtering ends needless service calls to repair valves and heads, and if iron is a problem, we can install a chemical injection system to help prevent staining.